Behmor Brewer Review: A Tech Smart Brewing Machine for Caffeine Lovers

There’s nothing better than a warm brew to kick-start your morning. And for coffee lovers who also love a bit of technology (me included), the Behmor Brewer looks like an ideal choice. Behmor’s connected coffee brewing system is a crafty edition that comes with many surprises– an easy setup, coordinated controls and standard panels for brewing coffee exactly the way you like it. If you want to know more, read my Behmor Brewer Review and find out whether this new coffee machine will help your morning start the right way.Who Should Use the Behmor Brewer: Review

The Behmor Brewer coffeemaker is a good option for those who don’t mind experimenting with their coffee beans. Those with conventional taste buds should stick to a more low-key option since Behmor Brewer is pricier than most standard coffee machines. Despite its smart technology, the machine won’t satisfy certain professionals who prefer pour-over coffee makers. But if, like me, you have little tolerance for Starbucks’ burnt flavors and also have little time, Behmor’s connected coffeemaker is a quick solution for customizing your own brews.

Is Behmor Brewer Any Different?

Well, it is safe to say that the Behmor Brewer is an especially good option if you’re thinking of upping your coffee brewing business. I’ve put together a few key features that should define this home brewing system perfectly:

Design à la mode

Behmor Brewer features a matte black coating that camouflages a brushed aluminum finish giving it a trendy, futuristic appeal. The three-legged design also features a stainless steel carafe that can stock 40 ounces of coffee.

The dimensions of the machine are larger than most conventional machines – it is 15.2 inches in height with a 9.2 inch rounded bottom, alongside a 4.2 inch indentation that secures the carafe beneath the filter basket valve . The crest of the brewing machine consists of a 40 ounce water reservoir that is also made from stainless steel. A standout among other features is the coffee filter that can be reused to save some time.

Cutting Edge Technology

All you need is a smart phone to hustle up the brewing at home – I can basically program the coffee maker to turn on even before I get out of bed. Which, I have to say, is perfect for me. Does it save time? Of course it does, because a simple coffee making app helps you adjust certain parameters like the brewing temperature and pre-infusing time, and lets you calibrate brew times. The machine monitors every part and process of the brewing operation, notifying you only once your coffee is steaming hot, and ready to drink.

How Does the Behmor Brewer Work?

Here’s the base line for the Behmor Brewer, it works on smart technology. To keep things simple, a single button controls the hardware powering. A bright LED indicator centers the START button and once it glows a solid green, it means the machine is connected to your internet. A blinking green light states the machine needs pairing with your smart phone device, blinking amber light suggests the brewer is in heating mode and a blinking blue light means the carafe can be extracted.

Why Do You Need an App?

If you’re like me, you’re probably only just getting used to the fact that appliances like fridges and coffee makers can now be efficiently controlled with your smartphone.It may not initially be obvious why you need an app. But it does help to provide the best brewing experience.

Right next to the START button you’ll find a DADO button that pairs the Behmor connected roaster with your smart phone. Once you have the app installed on your phone, you can control the coffee brewing process, choose from a variety of roasts and pick the right brewing temperature gradients.

When you’re ready to brew, you can choose from three broad categories: Craft, Brew and Buzz. These words may sound strange to newcomers, but rest assured the app also displays different recipes you can follow to create the perfect caffeine blend. There’s another thing I really like about this brewer – the sparging system and a pulse brew system. The sparging system releases water to pre-soak the grounds basket evenly and its basket-type filter is an appropriate combination.

You can decide how many cups you intend to brew using the app. Now if you’re in a hurry, you can always choose the brew setting since it helps you pick your preferred roast. Buzz is an option where you can tamper with concentration. The Buzz option also lets you pre-program brewing temperatures and pre-soaking timer before the extraction takes place. The Craft option gives absolute control over the brewing process - choose a distinct temperature gradient within the range of 190 – 207 Fahrenheit and pick a pre-soak for the beans anywhere between 15 seconds and three minutes. In every cycle you can either start brewing immediately or program the cycle for a later period, all within 24 hours.

If you want to understand the setup then here’s a YouTube video that should simplify the process:

What are the Alternatives?

If you’re looking for an alternative auto drip coffee machine, Mr. Brew Smart Coffeemaker is a simple smart machine with a plug-in system. It has an identical basket-type filter, uses smartphone monitoring and also features a thermal carafe. There’s also the DeLonghi option if you want another choice.

Unlike the Behmor Brewer, this coffee machine has a limited stock on its app. So if you’re trying to brew an Espresso, you might feel a little disappointed. If you don’t want to spend more than $300 on a coffee maker, Mr. Brew Smart is a more economical choice.

What About the Price?

Quality is essential if you’re looking for classic brews so the Behmor Brewer easily fits into my budget. Behmor Brewer is engineered to offer the best coffee flavors, and so far, it is the best. Whether you yearn for a dark Espresso or prefer a rich Mocha, at $299 the connected coffeemaker is a classic standout. It features a sophisticated design and presents a compelling line of flavors.

What are the Pros of the Behmor Brewer?

  • Pull out filter basket that contains a replaceable screen filter
  • Economical water head or pulsed water flow
  • Efficient thermal insulation
  • Delayed brew option
  • Resourceful brewing temperature control system
  • Voluminous carafe that holds 8 oz of cups per cycle
  • Application is free of cost with easy installation

What are the Cons of the Behmor Brewer?

  • Brewing machine is pricey
  • Has a noisy calibration cycle
  • LED lighting can be intrusive

What’s My Behmor Brewer Review Conclusion?

In conclusion of this Behmor Brewer Review, the Behmor Brewer can deliver a cup of coffee that can easily rival high powered espresso machines. With its smart technology, the brewing machine is quite flexible in its operations and fits into my busy schedule. With a reliable Wi-Fi connection at hand, this in-house coffee maker is a steady one-time buy for brewing fruitful flavors.

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